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So, I've had my first Geography lesson of the year, looked at lots of maps (love old maps!) and discussed the models used to discribe the growth of settlements and urbanisation.

I've decided to join the site's #Urban100, - and have been shamelessly flogging the idea to anyone who will listen.  I'm even making my Guide unit do it as part of their 'out and about' badge.  This way I will have a few different collections of pictures.

The idea I have suggested to my Guides is that we get into 2 groups (luckily one of our other leaders is a professional photographer so she can head up one of the groups)   We all leave the Guide hut and take a walk to the same destination via different routes.  It will be interesting to compare two different built environments within the same area and then get the girls to spot them.

I'm still deciding where to do my own 100.... I'm thinking in town, perhaps my commute to college.  Need to keep thinking really, but it is certainly making me view the world differently.  On my walk yesterday I imagined myself stopping every few metres and what I would capture were I to photograph it  Sadly it's a little too dark to take photos this early in the morning this time of year, perhaps I may have to wait a few weeks.

Anyway, off to college in a bit, so - coffee on - Polly out.

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Comment by Daniel Raven-Ellison on January 10, 2013 at 10:47

Hi Polly. Sounds good to me! Do you think you'll be able to get other Guides interested in taking part? 

Doing something on a clear night would be really interesting, but you'd need to set the camera to a long exposure. Could look really interesting, but would take MUCH longer to do as you'd need to use a tripod each time. At least the days are getting longer now. Where are you thinking of doing your walk(s)?



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